Tyranny of Dragons

The Carnath Roadhouse
Session 8

After spending the night in Waterdeep, the party set out on The High Road as employees of the High Road Charter Company. The caravan headed north for 200 miles into the Mere of Dead Men before arriving at its final destination – the Carnath Roadhouse.


At the roadhouse, Doric observed that some supplies from the cultist’s wagons were being unloaded into a separate storage room. This room was kept under lock and key by a half-orc named Bog Luck. The half-orc seemed to be in charge at the roadhouse and Doric also observed that his scabbard was decorated with a dragon resembling the designs on scabbards the party saw in the dragon hatchery.

After spending some time in the roadhouse’s common room, Doric was confronted by the female cultist whose partner was killed south of Waterdeep. The situation escalated and Doric was forced to fight the cultist.

After some additional detective work around the roadhouse, the group decided to investigate the locked storeroom after dark. Inside the storeroom they discovered that the cultists crates had been marked with a special symbol in red paint. They also discovered a hidden trap door in the floor and were surprised by some lizardfolk who emerged from the trapdoor shortly after it was opened.

After a few of the lizardfolk were defeated, the rest fled and the party decided to explore the tunnel below the storeroom. They found a slimy tunnel that led about 500 yards north into the Mere of the Dead. At the tunnel’s entrance the group was able to spot a trail that led further north into the mere. Travel through the mere was difficult and after about seven miles the party stumbled upon a camp.

The camp consisted of four wicker lean-tos, three dugout canoes, and a raised stone platform for lighting a fire. While the group was exploring the camp they heard noise coming from the swamp to the north. They hid and spotted 3 canoes full of lizardfolk approaching. Faeron was able to put 2 of the lizardfolk asleep while they docked their canoes and the rest of the party defeated the remaining lizardfolk.

After the fight, the group tied up the 2 remaining lizardfolk. One of them, named Snapjaw, revealed that they were tasked with " . . . transporting treasure to the castle for the dragon kneelers.’ The lizardfolk were paid in silverblades since they have no ability to manufacture with metal themselves. Snapjaw also revealed that a second group, a tribe of Bullywugs, was employed by the cult. Snapjaw doesn’t like the way his tribe is treated by the cult and the Bullywugs and offered to help the party in exchange for his freedom.

Trailing the Cult - Part 2
Session 7

Doric, Faeron, Garin, Tanakar, and another guard from the caravan (Sulesdeg the Pole) were able to track the spider-like creatures into the forest and rescue the caravan’s two stolen horses from the creature’s lair. After the horses were re-attached to their wagons, the caravan continued along its route northward.

A few miles south of the town of Daggerford the caravan stopped at a roadside inn for the evening. Due to the rain and cold weather, several of the caravan’s merchants wanted to spent the night indoors. Doric, Faeron, and Sulesdeg were sent inside the inn in order to secure lodging for the evening. While inside, Doric started a fight with four nobles who turned out to be werewolves. The party was able to defeat the werewolves, but not before Garin and Tanakar were bitten and a large portion of the inn’s common room was destroyed. After paying the innkeeper for the damage, the merchants of the caravan were able to spend the night indoors.

After a few more days travel, the caravan arrived at the town of Daggerford. While in town, the group noticed two new members of the caravan – a human male wearing a wool cap with ear and neck flaps and a female gnome. The group immediately noticed that the man with the wool cap was able to buy passage aboard one of the cult’s wagons – even though the group had seen the cult turn away countless others along the road so far.

Further along the journey, several members of the party noticed that the female gnome was closely watching the man in the wool cap and the cultists. She also seemed to take a special interest in the party and eventually introduced herself as Jamna Gleamsilver. She stated that, " . . . we don’t work for the same people, but we’re all on the same side – we share a belief that the Cult of the Dragon must be stopped." She also revealed that she believed that the man in the wool cap was a Red Wizard of Thay and expressed concern that someone of his background would be involved with the cult.

A few days south of Waterdeep, the party awoke to discover that one of the cultists travelling with the caravan had been murdered. It appeared that he had been stabbed in the back with a short sword. Several of the cultists (especially a female who was posing as the dead cultist’s wife) accused Doric of the murder. The situation continued to escalate until several of the caravan’s merchants spoke up for Doric and finally the man with the wool cap spoke up and diffused the situation.

After 2 months on the road, the caravan finally arrived in Waterdeep. Upon arrival Doric, Garin, and Faeron were paid for their services as caravan guards and the merchants dispersed to the city’s markets. The cult wagons were taken to a warehouse on the north side of the city where the party observed what appeared to be the cultists from the caravan attempting to get hired. The group entered the warehouse and learned that it belonged to the High Road Charter Company – a consortium of guilds and noble houses partnered with Lord Neverember (Lord of Neverwinter). The charter company is responsible for shipping construction supplies and laborers north to the High Road. Lord Neverember is trying to rebuild the High Road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. Currently, the construction is taking place in a swamp known as the Mere of the Dead. After talking with the charter company’s commander, Ardred Briferhew, the group was able to secure work as caravan guards on the next trip leaving for the road-head.

Trailing the Cult - Part 1
Session 6

After their initial meeting with Ontharr Frume, the party decided to pass some time in Elturel by enjoying some of the festivities and contests offered during the Feast of Chauntea festival. Doric claimed victory in an archery contest while Garin and Tanakar both suffered defeats in drinking, strength, and foot race contests. The group also participated in an event known as “The Seeker’s Find”. This event was a scavenger hunt/riddle contest offered by a group of retired adventurers known as “The Seekers”. This challenge, which had been held annually for the last five years, had never been completed by any of it’s participants. The party was able to solve several challenging puzzles and eventually recover the golden star required to win “The Seeker’s Find”. Upon winning the contest the party was allowed to select a prize from several magic items that previously belonged to the Seekers and an invitation to join the Seekers was also extended to the group.

While having dinner at the Pair of Black Antlers tavern the party was approached by one of Ontharr Frume’s squires. The squire led the party to a room near the back of the tavern where they were met by Ontharr Frume and Leosin Erlanthar. Ontharr thanked the party for the information that they’d gathered so far on the cult’s recent activities. He revealed that he and Leosin were both part of separate organizations (the Order of the Gauntlet and the Harpers) sworn to protect Faerun from the spread of evil. Ontharr explained that both organizations were both very interested in the Cult of the Dragon’s recent activities – amassing huge amounts of treasure and moving it to the north.

Ontharr extended an offer to the party to join either the Order of the Gauntlet or the Harpers in order to help them stop the Cult of the Dragon. Tanakar accepted the offer to join the Harpers while Doric and Garin declined due to their untrust of any organization.

Ontharr revealed that his organization knew that the cult was transporting treasure as far north as Waterdeep – but had no idea where the treasure went from there or what the cult planned on doing with it. He asked the party to travel east to Baldur’s Gate via the River Chionthar where they should arrive about a week ahead of the group of cultists that abandoned the camp south of Greenest. Once in Baldur’s Gate, the party would await the cult’s arrival and then attempt to get hired as caravan guards or pose as merchants in the same caravan the cult joined before heading north to Waterdeep.

After taking a boat west to Baldur’s Gate, the party spent about a week and a half scouting around the city waiting for the cult’s arrival. After spotting some of the disguised cultists, the party was ableto secure employment with some merchants who were travelling in the same caravan north as the cultists. Garin was hired as a guard for a dwarf merchant named Lai Angesstun while Doric was employed to protect a human lawyer named Aldor Urnpoleshurst. Faeron was hired on as a guard by two elf merchants – Noohar and his mute brother Selvek. Tanakar decided to pose as a traveller – following the caravan on foot.

caravan.jpgDuring the first tenday of their journey the caravan came across a wagon under attack by a group of hobgoblins. After the hobgoblins were defeated, the group discovered that a merchant, Thelry Walda, and his guards were hiding underneath the wagon. Thelry left his guards behind with his wagon and joined the caravan in order to travel to the next hostelry and buy new horses.

A halfling teamster by the name of Losvius Longnose took up a special interest in Doric’s sword short and offered to buy it from him. Throughout the entire day, Losvius was very persistent about the sword and the next morning Doric discovered that his sword was missing. After an investigation, Doric learned that a gnome guard, Gimble Raulnor, had overheard his conversation with Losvius and decided to use the opportunity to steal his sword. Doric was able to recover his sword and will be keeping a close eye on Gimble in the future.

During the second tenday of travel the caravan entered an area known as the Trollclaws. There they were attacked by two creatures that resembled large birds with the head of a stag. Later, they learned that these beasts were known as perytons.

The following week the group discovered a man buried up to his neck in the middle of the road. The word “oathbreaker” was painted across his forehead. Against the rest of the caravan’s wishes, the party dug up the man. They learned that his name was Carlon Arnoffel and that he was a member of the Harpers. Carlon was travelling with another caravan – attempting to trail some smugglers (also members of the Cult of the Dragon). The cultists discovered Carlon’s identity and convinced other merchants in the caravan that Carlon was working with bandits to rob the caravan.

spider_humanoid.pngThe caravan entered the Trollbark Forest during its fourth tenday of travel. There, the caravan was attacked by two giant spiders and three humanoid spider-like creatures. While the caravan guards were fighting off the giant spiders, the humanoid creatures cut two horses free from their harnesses and led them away into the woods. Garin and Doric’s employers, Oyn Evenmor and Aldor Urnpoleshurst, urged the guards to travel into the woods in order to recover the lost horses.

The Road to Elturel
Session 5

elturel.jpg On the way back to Greenest from the cult’s camp, the party spotted a wagon with a broken wheel along the side of the trail. A woman and four men, apparently merchants, flagged down the group and asked if they could help repair the wagon. Using his impressive strength, Garin was able to help the men lift the corner of the wagon so that the wheel could be mended. However, Doric became suspicious about the merchant’s story and their secret cargo. The situation escalated quickly until the merchants drew weapons – refusing to let Doric view the contents of their wagon. After the battle, the party searched the wagon – discovering two crates of goods stolen from Greenest and also a letter that revealed that the travelers were members of The Cult of the Dragon posing as merchants. The letter read:

Dragon Wing Lemura Ironcloak,

I fear our operation may have been compromised with the escape of the monk, Erlanthar. Thus we begin the second phase. Our collected hoard will be split among a number of caravans each sent on a different route to the city of Baldur’s Gate. Once there, sell your wagons and supplies, secure your part of the hoard, and seek our agent, Aravax Foxtraveler, who will give you further information.

The Queen of Dragons WILL rise again – Wyrmspeaker Rezmir

Back in Greenest, the party was greeted once again by Governor Nighthill. He thanked them for returning the stolen goods from the cultists camp. He also informed them that the monk, Leosin, had left them a gift before he left for Elturel – four horses with riding gear. After spending one last night in Greenest, the party set out on a six-day journey to Elturel (where they agreed to meet Leosin).

After a day on the road, the group discovered a journeyman’s cemetery along the side of the road. Near the cemetery gate, they spotted two elderly humans arguing with a halfling. Upon spotting the party, the halfling introduced himself as Orwerd Hardy, the proprietor of Orwerd’s Cemetery. He revealed that the two humans were retired guardsmen from Elturel. The men were on the road when one of the companions was attacked and killed by a bear. During the burial, one of the men observed a man in red robes stealing from one of their wagons. They gave chase, but the red-robed man fled straight into a nearby open crypt. The men asked the group if they could enter the crypt and attempt to recover their belongings. Never being ones to shy from adventure, the group agreed and made their way into the crypt.

Inside the crypt the party discovered a stairwell that led down into an underground chamber that appeared to have once been used for storing smuggled goods. In the storage area, the group was attacked by more members of the Cult of the Dragon. After defeating the cultists, the party learned that the cult had previously hidden a dragon egg in another chamber deeper below the cemetery. The egg had hatched several weeks ago and now the cultists were in the middle of conducting a ritual to strengthen the young black dragon. The group was able to defeat the young black dragon along with the cultists that were conducting the ritual. They were also able to recover the retired guardsmen’s stolen belongings before continuing their journey to Elturel.

Upon arriving in Elturel, the party discovered that the city was celebrating the recent bountiful harvest with a festival for the goddess of agriculture, Chauntea. The group asked around about Leosin, but none of the guards seemed to know anything about the monk. When the group inquired about the paladin, Ontharr Frume, they were directed to a tavern named “A Pair of Black Antlers” . They learned that the tavern served as “headquarters” for Frume’s faction, the Order of the Gauntlet.

At the tavern the group found Ontharr, surrounding by cheering tavern patrons, fighting another large man. After Ontharr defeated his opponent, he introduced himself and informed them that, “Leosin has said much, but there are too many ears present to talk right now.” He told them that there was a meeting planned for the following evening and encouraged them to pass the time by enjoying the festival activities.

The Dragon Hatchery - Part 2
Session 4

After a short rest, the party continued to press deeper into the caves. They discovered a room that contained a large trash heap where they were attacked by several troglodytes. The trash appeared to be either items that were taken from prisoners or things deemed not worthy for the treasure horde the cult is gathering. Nearby, they also discovered a chamber lined with hooks and chains that was being used to store a large amount of raw meat – likely to be used to feed the dragon hatchlings after their birth.

While continuing to explore, the group found a large chamber where Frulam Mondath and her personal guard Langdedrosa Cyanwrath were waiting with several guards. Through a fierce battle the group was able to defeat Frulam and her allies. After the battle the party discovered a large carving on one of the cavern’s walls. The carving portrayed a large, five-headed dragon, rising from an erupting volcano. There were several other dragons in the carving (mostly black), but they were dwarfed in size by the five-headed dragon.

In a nearby chamber, the party found four dragon eggs. The eggs were too large to carry out of the cave so the group decided to destroy the eggs before leaving the cave to travel back to Greenest.

The Dragon Hatchery
Session 3

The party followed Leosin Erlanthar’s directions and travelled southeast to the location of the raider’s camp. Upon arrival, they discovered that the camp was now empty except for a small band of hunters who were busy field dressing a deer and didn’t seem concerned by the party’s presence. Several of the camp’s tents had been burned and other clues seemed to indicate that the raiders had left in a hurry.

At the back of the camp the group found the cave that Leosin had mentioned. Upon entering, the party discovered that the cave was still inhabited by several cultists. After stumbling into a barracks full of guards the group was able to defeat several of them – however a few of the guards fled into an adjoining room during the fight. The party spent a few minutes interrogating one of the guards before pursuing the ones that had fled into the next room. In the adjoining room, the group discovered what appeared to be Frulam Mondath’s room. They discovered a chute in the floor with a rope ladder – apparently the fleeing guards (along with Frulam) fled down the chute.

Spread open on one of the tables in Frulam’s room was a simple map of the Greenfields area that showed the villages the cult had attacked and looted. On the map there was an arrow sketched in from the Greenfields toward the west and the town of Beregost on the Trade Way, where the arrow turned north. A separate sheet of paper on the desk was covered with numerals in columns and contained a note that read, “Everything must be freighted north to Naerytar. Rezmir allowed us to keep some pearls, a ring, and a handful of small stones.”

The party discovered a room that appeared to have been used to store a large treasure horde. Unfortunately, the room was now empty except for a drunken cultist and several scattered coins and small gems. The group tried to talk to the drunken cultists but couldn’t get much information from him. He told the party that the cultists had crated up all the treasure and that some people were left behind to guard the dragon eggs.

Deeper into the cave the group discovered a room that appeared to be some type of training ground for the drakes that were used in the raid on Greenest. After fighting off a large group of kobolds, the adventurers their search of the cave – looking for Frulam, any other clues regarding the cult’s next steps, and the clutch of dragon eggs that may have been left behind.

While You Were Sleeping
Session 2.5

After spending another day in Greenest to recuperate, the party is greeted by the monk, Nesim Waladra, as they enter the keep’s courtyard.

“My friends – I have good news! My master, Leosin, returned to Greenest early this morning. He was imprisoned at the cult’s camp but managed to escape.”

The group follows Nesim into the keep’s barracks where they find Governor Nighthill and a few others gathered around a bed. A half-elf with a badly bruised face and a black eye lies in the bed. As the adventurers approach, Governor Nighthill introduces the half-elf as Leosin Erlanthar. The Governor then continues, “It looks like I won’t need your services in scouting out the bandit’s camp after all – Leosin has been a prisoner of the raiders for the last couple of days and has brought back a considerable amount of information about their organization.”

Leosin turns to the party, “The Governor has told me how you aided the people of Greenest during the raid. I’ve been studying this cult and their behaviour for months. After charting their previous attacks I concluded that the time was right for the cult to strike a bigger target. I knew that Greenest was a prosperous yet poorly defended town, making it the most likely their next target. I waiting until the time was right and then visited the town with the intent of staying until something happened. Two nights ago when the raid started I slipped away from my people during the night and fell in with the raiders as they retreated, hoping to learn more about the cult’s plans and the location of their camp. Things were going well until the sun came up and the half-dragon recognized me as an outsider. I’ve spent the last day and a half chained to a post. I was beaten and tortured, but I did have the opportunity to gain some information by talking with some of the other captives. Luckily, I was able to escape by using a knife that I keep hidden in my boot.”

Leosin reveals several pieces of information regarding the cult and their camp:

  • The camp is located about half a day’s march southeast of Greenest.
  • Rezmir, Frulam Mondath, and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and leaders within the cult.
  • Rezmir is a half-black dragon that came to the area a few months ago and set up the camp. She outranks the other leaders.
  • Mondath handles everyday operations within the camp.
  • The half-blue dragon, Cyanwrath, is Mondath’s right hand and is seldom far from her side. He has a right sense of honor, but you don’t want to make him angry.
  • There are hundreds of people at the camp. Not everyone is a full-fledged member of the cult. Many are new initiates working toward full acceptance, and many others are simple mercenaries, hired to flesh out the camp’s strength during raids or if it should come under attack.
  • The kobolds are there because their worshipful attitude towards dragons makes them easy for Rezmir and other high ranking cultists to manipulate, but they are not well liked or trusted by the other races.
  • The cult has been ranging far and wide on small raids to collect treasure, Greenest was the closest target to the camp, the biggest of all the towns they’ve attacked, and the most profitable.
  • The cult has a clutch of dragon eggs under heavy guard in a cave near the back of camp.
  • Prisoners are used for manual labor. In the past, a few have “converted” and become loyal members of the cult, but most die eventually of overwork and under-nourishment. Then they are fed to the drakes or taken into the cave to feed the hatchlings.
  • Hunters bring in antelope and other large game from the grasslands feed the camp. The cultists and their allies eat most of it, but some is stored in the cave to feed the hatchlings.
  • The cave at the back of the camp is off-limits to all but those who’ve been cleared by Mondath and Rezmir, which includes a handful of guards and kobolds. Its known around camp as “the nursery,” and its an open secret that Rezmir plans to hatch a clutch of dragon eggs there.
  • The plunder from nearby settlements is stored in the cave.

Leosin then continues, “After all you’ve done for the people of Greenest, I hate to ask anything more from you. But the need is great, and I dare to hope that you can aid me. I need you to return to the cultists’ camp. If the cultists are preparing to conduct another raid, or a large body of them marches away, or if anything substantial is carried into or out of that cave, I need to know. If you have a chance to get into the camp and look around, that would be an ideal way to spot anything major that’s changed.”

“I don’t recommend letting yourselves get captured,” he adds with a wry, bruised smile. “I don’t have much to offer – but I will pay you each 150 gold pieces for the information you gather. I would hope that you feel that thwarting this cult’s plans are more important than gold. If you choose to accept, meet me in the city of Elturel with your report. I plan to meet with one of my associates there – a Paladin by the name of Ontharr Frume. He will be very interested in any information we can gather about this cult.”

Greenest in Flames
Session 2


10:30 PM

After taking a short rest in the cellar of Greenest Keep, the group decided to continue to make their way towards the temple of Chauntea near the edge of town. Using the shallow stream for cover, the adventures were able to reach the temple unnoticed. Upon arrival, the group discovered that there were multiple groups of raiders attempting to gain entrance to the temple – a group in the front using an improvised battering ram and another, smaller group at the backdoor attempting to start a fire. The party easily dispatched the raiders at the temple’s backdoor and with some persuasion convinced the townsfolk inside to open the door. Once inside, the party found several frightened townsfolk whom they escorted safely back to Greenest Keep.

11:30 PM

Governor Nighthill thanked the party for rescuing the townsfolk who were trapped inside the temple. He then led the adventurers up to the Keep’s parapet and pointed out a female raider who was clothed in purple and surrounded by a large escort of guards. The governor explained that he would like for the party to attempt to capture some of higher ranking raiders so they could be interrogated in order to find out more information about the raider’s motivations.

Sergeant Markguth approached the group to inquire about whether they had found his sister Saidi and her children among the group rescued from the temple. While the group was explaining that they were unable to locate Saidi at the temple, a soldier interrupted to inform Sergeant Marguth that raiders were attempting to burn down the town’s mill. The party was asked to defend the mill while the Sergeant attempted to gather a group of reinforcements to send along behind them.

Using the stream for cover, the adventurers made their way to the mill. At the mill they defeated another group of kobolds who appeared to be attempting to start a fire. Upon further inspection the party discovered that the kobolds weren’t really trying to start a fire – it seemed their efforts were all for show. Inside the mill the party was ambushed by several mercenaries/cultists who were hiding upstairs. The group was able to defeat the ambushers and also take two of them alive for questioning. Through interrogation the adventurers learned:

  • The captives were initiates of The Cult of The Dragon
  • The cult is collecting loot for “a great hoard that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons”
  • The cult has been raiding along the Sword Coast for months
  • The raid was being led by someone named Frulam (a Wearer of Purple)
  • Frulam’s right hand is a half-dragon named Langdedrosa
  • The cult’s camp is located about a half-day’s march south of Greenest

1:00 AM

The adventurers returned to the keep and shared the information they learned with Governor Nighthill. They then decided to take another short rest inside the keep’s banquet hall. Feeling a little refreshed, the group returned to the keep’s courtyard where they were greeted by the sound of an attacking dragon. The blue dragon who was spotted attacking the town earlier had returned. The party engaged the dragon using bows and magic while the dragon dispatched several of the keep’s guards along the parapet. After a few minutes of conflict the dragon turned and flew away.


2:45 AM

The party noticed that the village outside the keep had grown eerily silent. A half-dragon, flanked by twenty kobolds, made his way to the dim light in front of the keep and issued a challenge. He offered to exchange four human prisoners in exchange for a fight against the keep’s best warrior. Sergeant Markguth recognized the prisoners as his sister Saidi and her children. Marguth was willing to accept the challenge but Governor Nighthill intervened and asked the party to send someone instead.

Garin volunteered to face the half-dragon – but was defeated and left for dead as the raiders turned and began to depart from Greenest.

7:00 AM

After sunrise, Governor Nighthill approached the party with a proposal: If they can locate the raider’s camp and find out certain information, he offers to pay them 250 gold pieces each. The Governor wants to know where the camp is sited, how many raiders are there, who their leaders, etc.

The group was also approached by monk named Nesim Waladra. Nesim informed the party that his master, Leosin Erlanthar, disappeared last night during the raid. Nesim and Leosin are both monks from Berdusk who were returning to Berdusk from the great library at Candlekeep. Nesim told the party that Leosin has been investigating these raiders for months and he fears that he might have tried to infiltrate their group as they retreated, or worse, been captured by them.

The adventurers told Nesim that they would search for signs of Leosin at the raider’s camp – after they spent another day in Greenest to rest.

The Journey to Greenest
Session 1

In Neverwinter the party was able to locate Gundren’s contact, Ealdric Ryany, on the docks and secure passage aboard a merchant ship heading south to the port city of Baldur’s Gate. Upon reaching Baldur’s Gate they set out on foot for Greenest.

After severals days of travel the party found themselves in the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. As sundown approached, they topped a hill and saw the town of Greenest just a few miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town they expected, they saw columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that were little more than dots from the distance, and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep in the center of the town.

In order to get a better look at the situation, Doric decided to approach the town. As he got closer he could discern that some of the smaller shapes moving through the town were kobolds and that the dragon attacking the keep was a blue dragon. By this time night had fallen so Doric attempted to use the Disguise Self spell in order to alter his appearance to that of kobold.

9:00 PM

Doric was able to make his way into Greenest and fall in with a roaming party of kobolds that were raiding the town. As Doric split off from the party of kobolds, a group of five humans dashed out from between buildings on his left. A limping man and three young children ran across the street into the shadows, and a woman carrying a round shield and a broken spear turned to face the direction from which they came. Twelve kobolds (four of which had wings) streamed out an alley on the family’s heals and surrounded the woman. Doric tried to interrupt the kobold’s attacks but was unsuccessful and the woman’s husband and son were slain. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the party arrived and joined in the fight.

After a short skirmish the party was able to defeat the remaining kobolds and stabilize the woman who had been attacked. She urged the party to seek shelter at the keep in the center of town and after gathering her two remaining children the party set out towards the center of town. Using stealth, the group was able to make their way to keep while avoiding several raiding parties made up of humans, halflings, and kobolds. As the characters entered the keep, the gate was sealed behind them.

10:00 PM

Upon entering the keep, the party was introduced to Sergeant Markguth. The Sergeant began to give the characters a run down on the recent events but he was soon interrupted by another soldier bringing news that the keep’s sally port had been breached by raiders. Sergeant Markguth asked the party if they could go to the keep’s ready room and help the room and seal the port.

In the ready room the group battled several kobolds, ambush drakes, and two magic users. The party was able to defeat the invaders (and capture one of the magic users alive). However, the group was unable to seal the door that had been breached. While they continued to defend the room, Castellan Escobert the Red went to fetch a magic user from the keep who was able to mend the damaged door.

11:00 PM

Once the sally port was secured, Escobert recommended that the characters meet Governor Nighthill on the keep’s parapet. The governor told the party that the raiders seemed to be working to isolate the keep from the town with encircling groups of guards. He believed that the raiders weren’t interested in attacking the keep, only in getting loot from the town. He informed the party that the real danger was to the town and those people who didn’t make it into the keep before it was cut off. He asked the party if they could slip back into town and help those people who were cut off. He believed that the most likely place for survivors to seek shelter from the raiders outside the keep would be the nearby temple of Chauntea. Sergeant Markguth also mentioned that he believes his missing sister and her children might be hiding out in the temple.

The group agreed to assist the town and Castellan Escobert the Red suggested that they use the old tunnel beneath the keep to travel between the keep and the town without being noticed.

Using Escobert’s key, the party opened a door in the keep’s cellar leading to the old tunnel. Once inside, the party quickly discovered that the tunnel had become infested by hundreds of rats. The adventurers defeated the rats and continued to the far end of the tunnel where they found a rusty, locked iron grate. Doric attempted to pick the gate’s lock by was unsuccessful. Garin was able to force open the gate, but not without making a lot of noise.

The group exited the tunnel near the stream bank where they were surprised by a large group of raiders who were hiding in the nearby foliage. The party was able to defeat the group of raiders along the tunnel’s exit, but not without taking several blows. The group decided to retreat to the keep’s cellar where they took a short rest before continuing their trek to the temple.

While in Neverwinter...

When the party gets to Neverwinter Faeron is interesred in doing the following before they need to catch a boat south to Greenest.

  • Contact any resident wizards to see if any of them will allow him to learn spells from their spell books.
  • Look for opportunities to purchase spells via scrolls.
  • Meet with the nobles to tell them what we have learned and see if they have additional info or aid they can give.
  • Get the unknown cleric scroll he is carrying identified so the party knows how much it is worth.
  • Purchase some ink and paper for leading new spells and some generic herbs and incense needed as spell components.
  • Possibly purchase healing potions.
  • Get some party loot appraised.
  • Talk to the rest of the party to see if they want to sell any party loot.

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