Tyranny of Dragons

Greenest in Flames

Session 2


10:30 PM

After taking a short rest in the cellar of Greenest Keep, the group decided to continue to make their way towards the temple of Chauntea near the edge of town. Using the shallow stream for cover, the adventures were able to reach the temple unnoticed. Upon arrival, the group discovered that there were multiple groups of raiders attempting to gain entrance to the temple – a group in the front using an improvised battering ram and another, smaller group at the backdoor attempting to start a fire. The party easily dispatched the raiders at the temple’s backdoor and with some persuasion convinced the townsfolk inside to open the door. Once inside, the party found several frightened townsfolk whom they escorted safely back to Greenest Keep.

11:30 PM

Governor Nighthill thanked the party for rescuing the townsfolk who were trapped inside the temple. He then led the adventurers up to the Keep’s parapet and pointed out a female raider who was clothed in purple and surrounded by a large escort of guards. The governor explained that he would like for the party to attempt to capture some of higher ranking raiders so they could be interrogated in order to find out more information about the raider’s motivations.

Sergeant Markguth approached the group to inquire about whether they had found his sister Saidi and her children among the group rescued from the temple. While the group was explaining that they were unable to locate Saidi at the temple, a soldier interrupted to inform Sergeant Marguth that raiders were attempting to burn down the town’s mill. The party was asked to defend the mill while the Sergeant attempted to gather a group of reinforcements to send along behind them.

Using the stream for cover, the adventurers made their way to the mill. At the mill they defeated another group of kobolds who appeared to be attempting to start a fire. Upon further inspection the party discovered that the kobolds weren’t really trying to start a fire – it seemed their efforts were all for show. Inside the mill the party was ambushed by several mercenaries/cultists who were hiding upstairs. The group was able to defeat the ambushers and also take two of them alive for questioning. Through interrogation the adventurers learned:

  • The captives were initiates of The Cult of The Dragon
  • The cult is collecting loot for “a great hoard that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons”
  • The cult has been raiding along the Sword Coast for months
  • The raid was being led by someone named Frulam (a Wearer of Purple)
  • Frulam’s right hand is a half-dragon named Langdedrosa
  • The cult’s camp is located about a half-day’s march south of Greenest

1:00 AM

The adventurers returned to the keep and shared the information they learned with Governor Nighthill. They then decided to take another short rest inside the keep’s banquet hall. Feeling a little refreshed, the group returned to the keep’s courtyard where they were greeted by the sound of an attacking dragon. The blue dragon who was spotted attacking the town earlier had returned. The party engaged the dragon using bows and magic while the dragon dispatched several of the keep’s guards along the parapet. After a few minutes of conflict the dragon turned and flew away.


2:45 AM

The party noticed that the village outside the keep had grown eerily silent. A half-dragon, flanked by twenty kobolds, made his way to the dim light in front of the keep and issued a challenge. He offered to exchange four human prisoners in exchange for a fight against the keep’s best warrior. Sergeant Markguth recognized the prisoners as his sister Saidi and her children. Marguth was willing to accept the challenge but Governor Nighthill intervened and asked the party to send someone instead.

Garin volunteered to face the half-dragon – but was defeated and left for dead as the raiders turned and began to depart from Greenest.

7:00 AM

After sunrise, Governor Nighthill approached the party with a proposal: If they can locate the raider’s camp and find out certain information, he offers to pay them 250 gold pieces each. The Governor wants to know where the camp is sited, how many raiders are there, who their leaders, etc.

The group was also approached by monk named Nesim Waladra. Nesim informed the party that his master, Leosin Erlanthar, disappeared last night during the raid. Nesim and Leosin are both monks from Berdusk who were returning to Berdusk from the great library at Candlekeep. Nesim told the party that Leosin has been investigating these raiders for months and he fears that he might have tried to infiltrate their group as they retreated, or worse, been captured by them.

The adventurers told Nesim that they would search for signs of Leosin at the raider’s camp – after they spent another day in Greenest to rest.



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