Tyranny of Dragons

The Carnath Roadhouse

Session 8

After spending the night in Waterdeep, the party set out on The High Road as employees of the High Road Charter Company. The caravan headed north for 200 miles into the Mere of Dead Men before arriving at its final destination – the Carnath Roadhouse.


At the roadhouse, Doric observed that some supplies from the cultist’s wagons were being unloaded into a separate storage room. This room was kept under lock and key by a half-orc named Bog Luck. The half-orc seemed to be in charge at the roadhouse and Doric also observed that his scabbard was decorated with a dragon resembling the designs on scabbards the party saw in the dragon hatchery.

After spending some time in the roadhouse’s common room, Doric was confronted by the female cultist whose partner was killed south of Waterdeep. The situation escalated and Doric was forced to fight the cultist.

After some additional detective work around the roadhouse, the group decided to investigate the locked storeroom after dark. Inside the storeroom they discovered that the cultists crates had been marked with a special symbol in red paint. They also discovered a hidden trap door in the floor and were surprised by some lizardfolk who emerged from the trapdoor shortly after it was opened.

After a few of the lizardfolk were defeated, the rest fled and the party decided to explore the tunnel below the storeroom. They found a slimy tunnel that led about 500 yards north into the Mere of the Dead. At the tunnel’s entrance the group was able to spot a trail that led further north into the mere. Travel through the mere was difficult and after about seven miles the party stumbled upon a camp.

The camp consisted of four wicker lean-tos, three dugout canoes, and a raised stone platform for lighting a fire. While the group was exploring the camp they heard noise coming from the swamp to the north. They hid and spotted 3 canoes full of lizardfolk approaching. Faeron was able to put 2 of the lizardfolk asleep while they docked their canoes and the rest of the party defeated the remaining lizardfolk.

After the fight, the group tied up the 2 remaining lizardfolk. One of them, named Snapjaw, revealed that they were tasked with " . . . transporting treasure to the castle for the dragon kneelers.’ The lizardfolk were paid in silverblades since they have no ability to manufacture with metal themselves. Snapjaw also revealed that a second group, a tribe of Bullywugs, was employed by the cult. Snapjaw doesn’t like the way his tribe is treated by the cult and the Bullywugs and offered to help the party in exchange for his freedom.



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