Tyranny of Dragons

The Dragon Hatchery - Part 2

Session 4

After a short rest, the party continued to press deeper into the caves. They discovered a room that contained a large trash heap where they were attacked by several troglodytes. The trash appeared to be either items that were taken from prisoners or things deemed not worthy for the treasure horde the cult is gathering. Nearby, they also discovered a chamber lined with hooks and chains that was being used to store a large amount of raw meat – likely to be used to feed the dragon hatchlings after their birth.

While continuing to explore, the group found a large chamber where Frulam Mondath and her personal guard Langdedrosa Cyanwrath were waiting with several guards. Through a fierce battle the group was able to defeat Frulam and her allies. After the battle the party discovered a large carving on one of the cavern’s walls. The carving portrayed a large, five-headed dragon, rising from an erupting volcano. There were several other dragons in the carving (mostly black), but they were dwarfed in size by the five-headed dragon.

In a nearby chamber, the party found four dragon eggs. The eggs were too large to carry out of the cave so the group decided to destroy the eggs before leaving the cave to travel back to Greenest.



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