Tyranny of Dragons

The Journey to Greenest

Session 1

In Neverwinter the party was able to locate Gundren’s contact, Ealdric Ryany, on the docks and secure passage aboard a merchant ship heading south to the port city of Baldur’s Gate. Upon reaching Baldur’s Gate they set out on foot for Greenest.

After severals days of travel the party found themselves in the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. As sundown approached, they topped a hill and saw the town of Greenest just a few miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town they expected, they saw columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that were little more than dots from the distance, and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep in the center of the town.

In order to get a better look at the situation, Doric decided to approach the town. As he got closer he could discern that some of the smaller shapes moving through the town were kobolds and that the dragon attacking the keep was a blue dragon. By this time night had fallen so Doric attempted to use the Disguise Self spell in order to alter his appearance to that of kobold.

9:00 PM

Doric was able to make his way into Greenest and fall in with a roaming party of kobolds that were raiding the town. As Doric split off from the party of kobolds, a group of five humans dashed out from between buildings on his left. A limping man and three young children ran across the street into the shadows, and a woman carrying a round shield and a broken spear turned to face the direction from which they came. Twelve kobolds (four of which had wings) streamed out an alley on the family’s heals and surrounded the woman. Doric tried to interrupt the kobold’s attacks but was unsuccessful and the woman’s husband and son were slain. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the party arrived and joined in the fight.

After a short skirmish the party was able to defeat the remaining kobolds and stabilize the woman who had been attacked. She urged the party to seek shelter at the keep in the center of town and after gathering her two remaining children the party set out towards the center of town. Using stealth, the group was able to make their way to keep while avoiding several raiding parties made up of humans, halflings, and kobolds. As the characters entered the keep, the gate was sealed behind them.

10:00 PM

Upon entering the keep, the party was introduced to Sergeant Markguth. The Sergeant began to give the characters a run down on the recent events but he was soon interrupted by another soldier bringing news that the keep’s sally port had been breached by raiders. Sergeant Markguth asked the party if they could go to the keep’s ready room and help the room and seal the port.

In the ready room the group battled several kobolds, ambush drakes, and two magic users. The party was able to defeat the invaders (and capture one of the magic users alive). However, the group was unable to seal the door that had been breached. While they continued to defend the room, Castellan Escobert the Red went to fetch a magic user from the keep who was able to mend the damaged door.

11:00 PM

Once the sally port was secured, Escobert recommended that the characters meet Governor Nighthill on the keep’s parapet. The governor told the party that the raiders seemed to be working to isolate the keep from the town with encircling groups of guards. He believed that the raiders weren’t interested in attacking the keep, only in getting loot from the town. He informed the party that the real danger was to the town and those people who didn’t make it into the keep before it was cut off. He asked the party if they could slip back into town and help those people who were cut off. He believed that the most likely place for survivors to seek shelter from the raiders outside the keep would be the nearby temple of Chauntea. Sergeant Markguth also mentioned that he believes his missing sister and her children might be hiding out in the temple.

The group agreed to assist the town and Castellan Escobert the Red suggested that they use the old tunnel beneath the keep to travel between the keep and the town without being noticed.

Using Escobert’s key, the party opened a door in the keep’s cellar leading to the old tunnel. Once inside, the party quickly discovered that the tunnel had become infested by hundreds of rats. The adventurers defeated the rats and continued to the far end of the tunnel where they found a rusty, locked iron grate. Doric attempted to pick the gate’s lock by was unsuccessful. Garin was able to force open the gate, but not without making a lot of noise.

The group exited the tunnel near the stream bank where they were surprised by a large group of raiders who were hiding in the nearby foliage. The party was able to defeat the group of raiders along the tunnel’s exit, but not without taking several blows. The group decided to retreat to the keep’s cellar where they took a short rest before continuing their trek to the temple.



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