Tyranny of Dragons

Trailing the Cult - Part 2

Session 7

Doric, Faeron, Garin, Tanakar, and another guard from the caravan (Sulesdeg the Pole) were able to track the spider-like creatures into the forest and rescue the caravan’s two stolen horses from the creature’s lair. After the horses were re-attached to their wagons, the caravan continued along its route northward.

A few miles south of the town of Daggerford the caravan stopped at a roadside inn for the evening. Due to the rain and cold weather, several of the caravan’s merchants wanted to spent the night indoors. Doric, Faeron, and Sulesdeg were sent inside the inn in order to secure lodging for the evening. While inside, Doric started a fight with four nobles who turned out to be werewolves. The party was able to defeat the werewolves, but not before Garin and Tanakar were bitten and a large portion of the inn’s common room was destroyed. After paying the innkeeper for the damage, the merchants of the caravan were able to spend the night indoors.

After a few more days travel, the caravan arrived at the town of Daggerford. While in town, the group noticed two new members of the caravan – a human male wearing a wool cap with ear and neck flaps and a female gnome. The group immediately noticed that the man with the wool cap was able to buy passage aboard one of the cult’s wagons – even though the group had seen the cult turn away countless others along the road so far.

Further along the journey, several members of the party noticed that the female gnome was closely watching the man in the wool cap and the cultists. She also seemed to take a special interest in the party and eventually introduced herself as Jamna Gleamsilver. She stated that, " . . . we don’t work for the same people, but we’re all on the same side – we share a belief that the Cult of the Dragon must be stopped." She also revealed that she believed that the man in the wool cap was a Red Wizard of Thay and expressed concern that someone of his background would be involved with the cult.

A few days south of Waterdeep, the party awoke to discover that one of the cultists travelling with the caravan had been murdered. It appeared that he had been stabbed in the back with a short sword. Several of the cultists (especially a female who was posing as the dead cultist’s wife) accused Doric of the murder. The situation continued to escalate until several of the caravan’s merchants spoke up for Doric and finally the man with the wool cap spoke up and diffused the situation.

After 2 months on the road, the caravan finally arrived in Waterdeep. Upon arrival Doric, Garin, and Faeron were paid for their services as caravan guards and the merchants dispersed to the city’s markets. The cult wagons were taken to a warehouse on the north side of the city where the party observed what appeared to be the cultists from the caravan attempting to get hired. The group entered the warehouse and learned that it belonged to the High Road Charter Company – a consortium of guilds and noble houses partnered with Lord Neverember (Lord of Neverwinter). The charter company is responsible for shipping construction supplies and laborers north to the High Road. Lord Neverember is trying to rebuild the High Road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. Currently, the construction is taking place in a swamp known as the Mere of the Dead. After talking with the charter company’s commander, Ardred Briferhew, the group was able to secure work as caravan guards on the next trip leaving for the road-head.



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