Tyranny of Dragons

While in Neverwinter...

When the party gets to Neverwinter Faeron is interesred in doing the following before they need to catch a boat south to Greenest.

  • Contact any resident wizards to see if any of them will allow him to learn spells from their spell books.
  • Look for opportunities to purchase spells via scrolls.
  • Meet with the nobles to tell them what we have learned and see if they have additional info or aid they can give.
  • Get the unknown cleric scroll he is carrying identified so the party knows how much it is worth.
  • Purchase some ink and paper for leading new spells and some generic herbs and incense needed as spell components.
  • Possibly purchase healing potions.
  • Get some party loot appraised.
  • Talk to the rest of the party to see if they want to sell any party loot.


While moving through the city the party is able to locate several jewelers, pawnshops, and bookstores who can appraise the items you’re carrying (I’ve updated the Loot page on the wiki with pricing/info for all items including the Cleric scroll).

You can easily find shops with the spell components you need and given the size of Neverwinter healing potions are readily available for purchase at 50 gp each.

I will send you (Justin) a PM with information regarding Faeron’s visit to the nobles and local wizards.

You guys can work out what you want to do with the loot (as far as selling it). The magic items that don’t have prices on the wiki are items that you wouldn’t be able to locate a buyer for given the short amount of time you’re going to be in the city. Keep in mind that 50 coins weigh 1 pound so you might be better off carrying gems if you have a lot of money left over.

While in Neverwinter...

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