Tyranny of Dragons

While You Were Sleeping

Session 2.5

After spending another day in Greenest to recuperate, the party is greeted by the monk, Nesim Waladra, as they enter the keep’s courtyard.

“My friends – I have good news! My master, Leosin, returned to Greenest early this morning. He was imprisoned at the cult’s camp but managed to escape.”

The group follows Nesim into the keep’s barracks where they find Governor Nighthill and a few others gathered around a bed. A half-elf with a badly bruised face and a black eye lies in the bed. As the adventurers approach, Governor Nighthill introduces the half-elf as Leosin Erlanthar. The Governor then continues, “It looks like I won’t need your services in scouting out the bandit’s camp after all – Leosin has been a prisoner of the raiders for the last couple of days and has brought back a considerable amount of information about their organization.”

Leosin turns to the party, “The Governor has told me how you aided the people of Greenest during the raid. I’ve been studying this cult and their behaviour for months. After charting their previous attacks I concluded that the time was right for the cult to strike a bigger target. I knew that Greenest was a prosperous yet poorly defended town, making it the most likely their next target. I waiting until the time was right and then visited the town with the intent of staying until something happened. Two nights ago when the raid started I slipped away from my people during the night and fell in with the raiders as they retreated, hoping to learn more about the cult’s plans and the location of their camp. Things were going well until the sun came up and the half-dragon recognized me as an outsider. I’ve spent the last day and a half chained to a post. I was beaten and tortured, but I did have the opportunity to gain some information by talking with some of the other captives. Luckily, I was able to escape by using a knife that I keep hidden in my boot.”

Leosin reveals several pieces of information regarding the cult and their camp:

  • The camp is located about half a day’s march southeast of Greenest.
  • Rezmir, Frulam Mondath, and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and leaders within the cult.
  • Rezmir is a half-black dragon that came to the area a few months ago and set up the camp. She outranks the other leaders.
  • Mondath handles everyday operations within the camp.
  • The half-blue dragon, Cyanwrath, is Mondath’s right hand and is seldom far from her side. He has a right sense of honor, but you don’t want to make him angry.
  • There are hundreds of people at the camp. Not everyone is a full-fledged member of the cult. Many are new initiates working toward full acceptance, and many others are simple mercenaries, hired to flesh out the camp’s strength during raids or if it should come under attack.
  • The kobolds are there because their worshipful attitude towards dragons makes them easy for Rezmir and other high ranking cultists to manipulate, but they are not well liked or trusted by the other races.
  • The cult has been ranging far and wide on small raids to collect treasure, Greenest was the closest target to the camp, the biggest of all the towns they’ve attacked, and the most profitable.
  • The cult has a clutch of dragon eggs under heavy guard in a cave near the back of camp.
  • Prisoners are used for manual labor. In the past, a few have “converted” and become loyal members of the cult, but most die eventually of overwork and under-nourishment. Then they are fed to the drakes or taken into the cave to feed the hatchlings.
  • Hunters bring in antelope and other large game from the grasslands feed the camp. The cultists and their allies eat most of it, but some is stored in the cave to feed the hatchlings.
  • The cave at the back of the camp is off-limits to all but those who’ve been cleared by Mondath and Rezmir, which includes a handful of guards and kobolds. Its known around camp as “the nursery,” and its an open secret that Rezmir plans to hatch a clutch of dragon eggs there.
  • The plunder from nearby settlements is stored in the cave.

Leosin then continues, “After all you’ve done for the people of Greenest, I hate to ask anything more from you. But the need is great, and I dare to hope that you can aid me. I need you to return to the cultists’ camp. If the cultists are preparing to conduct another raid, or a large body of them marches away, or if anything substantial is carried into or out of that cave, I need to know. If you have a chance to get into the camp and look around, that would be an ideal way to spot anything major that’s changed.”

“I don’t recommend letting yourselves get captured,” he adds with a wry, bruised smile. “I don’t have much to offer – but I will pay you each 150 gold pieces for the information you gather. I would hope that you feel that thwarting this cult’s plans are more important than gold. If you choose to accept, meet me in the city of Elturel with your report. I plan to meet with one of my associates there – a Paladin by the name of Ontharr Frume. He will be very interested in any information we can gather about this cult.”



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