Frulam Mondath

A leader within the Cult of the Dragon


Frulam is a leader within the Cult of the Dragon. The party gathered this information while interrogating The Black Spider.

A letter discovered in Nezzar’s chambers also mentioned Frulam:

“Nezznar – I hope you’re making significant progress on discovering the location of the forge. You’ve wasted far too much time already. Due to your incompetence, I’ve taken it upon myself to dispatch a raiding party to finish collecting anything else of value in Phandalin. The party should arrive within a few days time – much sooner than I arrive in Greenest. For your own sake, I hope you finish locating the forge before then and can provide assistance. Hail Tiamat! – Frulam”

While defending Greenest against raiders the party learned that Frulam was leading the raid.

After the cult abandoned their camp near Greenest, Frulam was left behind to guard a clutch of black dragon eggs hidden in a cave near the camp. Frulam was slain by the party while they explored the cave.


Frulam Mondath

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