Tyranny of Dragons

Leaving Phandalin

Phandalin.jpgThe party’s victory celebration was cut short when they discovered that Phandalin had been ransacked by raiders while they were busy battling The Black Spider in Wave Echo Cave. Based on The Black Spider’s notes and information gathered from the townsfolk the party suspected that the raid was conducted by a cult known as the Cult of the Dragon. The party also learned that the cult’s next target is another small town far to the south named Greenest.

After spending a few days in town helping the people of Phandalin recover, the party decided to travel south to Greenest in order to try and warn the town of the incoming attack and possibly discover more information about the Cult of the Dragon.

As the party gathered near the town green of Phandalin to prepare for their departure, several of the townsfolk came out to thank the group for their help in driving off the Redbrands, Cragmaw goblins, and the Black Spider. Some of the townsfolk offered the party gifts – Toblin Stonehill, the proprietor of the Stonehill Inn, provided the group with several days worth of food and Sister Garaele offered the group 3 healing potions.

Upon reaching the edge of town, the party heard a familiar voice calling out, “Friends, might I join you for one final journey?” Turning around, the group saw Sildhar Hallwinter approaching. He continued, “I’ve spent more time in Phandalin than I originally planned for. After the recent events, I feel that my presence here is needed now more than ever. I’d like to accompany you to Neverwinter so that I can gather some of my associates from the Lord’s Alliance. I will then return to Phandalin in order to help the townsfolk rebuild what was lost during the raids.” The group gladly allowed Sildhar to accompany them on the first leg of their journey.

Sildhar told the party, “When we reach Neverwinter, you should seek out Ealdric Ryany in the docks district. He owes Gundren and his cousins a debt for all the shipping business they’ve sent his way recently. He should be able to arrange passage for you to Baldur’s Gate.”

During the first day of travel the party followed the Triboar Trail west back to the High Road. Travel along the trail was much safer now thanks to the group’s efforts in driving off the Cragmaw goblins.

Upon reaching the High Road the group followed the road north along the Sword Coast for another two days before reaching the city of Neverwinter.


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