Population: 17,000
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: The High Overseer of Torm
Religion: Torm

Elturel is the capitol city of Elturgard, a nation created after the Spellplague by clerics and paladins of Torm. It is situated atop a cliff, dominating the River Chionthar


Amaunator’s Gift – A shining orb that hangs over the city and is visible anywhere in Elturgard. The light is painful to undead, preventing most from even coming inside of Elturgard.

High Hall – Formerly the castle where the cities ruler lived before the Spellplague, now it serves as a keep for the followers of Torm.

Bent Helm – A tavern of poor quality.

A Pair of Black Antlers – The best known tavern in the city.

Phontyr’s Unicorn – A famous and expensive place to stay.

Helm’s Shieldhall – A large fortress dedicated to Helm.

High Harvest – Home Temple to Chauntea.


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